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Clonehunter's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 8 (From 2 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 255 Points

D-Day Defender

First Blood Unlocked 5/13/11
10 Points
Kill your first enemy.
Having a Blast Unlocked 5/13/11
10 Points
Launch your first mortar strike.
Cannon Fodder Unlocked 5/13/11
25 Points
Kill 100 footsoldiers.
Game Over 10 Points Let history take its course.
Movie Fan 10 Points Don't skip any of the in-game cutscenes.
Pacifist 10 Points Die without killing a single enemy.
Collateral 25 Points Take out least 5 enemies with one explosion.
FLAK Expert 25 Points Shoot down 6 enemy airplanes.
Panzerschreck 25 Points Destroy 6 tanks.
Getting the Hang of it 50 Points Stay alive for 50 hours.
Hang in There 50 Points Regain your health after nearly dying.
Massacre 50 Points Destroy 500 enemies.
Get Out More 100 Points Survive for 250 hours.
Master Tactician 100 Points Chain 4 explosions.

Medals Earned: 3/14 (45/500 points)

Doom Triple Pack

Find Some Meat Unlocked 2/4/10
10 Points
Doom: Get the chainsaw.
Master Cleric Unlocked 2/5/10
50 Points
Hexen: Beat the demo using the cleric.
Master Fighter Unlocked 2/5/10
50 Points
Hexen: Beat the demo using the fighter.
Master Mage Unlocked 2/6/10
50 Points
Hexen: Beat the demo using the mage.
Where's Episode 2? Unlocked 2/27/10
50 Points
Doom: Complete the first episode of Doom.
Cockadoodledoo 10 Points Heretic: Turn an enemy into a chicken.
E1M9 25 Points Doom: Find the secret Military Base level.
The Graveyard 25 Points Heretic: Find the secret level.
Blasphemer 50 Points Heretic: Beat the first episode.

Medals Earned: 5/9 (210/320 points)