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No one reads this, but what the hell.

I'm working on a new flash project. While I haven't started with any actaul animation work just yet, I am almost finished working on all the graphics and such in Fireworks (Too bad things never tranistion cleanly over to Flash, but whatever.).

As some spoiler crap, its a Doom 3 Parody, or better yet, a Doom 3 in the Making parody. Its based off of this really awsome looking Doom 3 monster that could be found in some Promo material and videos, but never made it to the final game (I belive though it made a comeback in Resurrection of Evil).

Anyways, this is John Carmack (Off-Screen) completely dissing and throwing off the monster over the phone. Of course, the demon responds to 'whys' and whines, and "Comon I'm Awsome!" remarks, while Carmack blows him off. Carmack belives the demon is stubborn, and sends "his" mightiest creation after the demon. Stay TUned, and hope for the best (as in, hope I get this done actually.)